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Portrait by Paula Wilson

Portrait by Paula Wilson

Articles, etc

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No Pastiche
Re-voicing the past

This is an article on the nature of writing about history published on the Royal Literary Fund’s website

Double Duty
How R.L. Stevenson helped one writer to reconcile his split selves

This is an article about the influence of childhood reading, published on the Royal Literary Fund’s website

James Wilson — Why I Write

This is a podcast from the Vox series of bite-size audio recordings in which RLF writers explore topics around writing.

Articles/interviews about Coyote Fork

The Cultural Contradictions of Silicon Valley: Q&A with James Wilson (Slant Books)
James Wilson on the inspiration and research behind his thriller Coyote Fork (Culturefly)
Our gravest danger (BookBrunch)
Techno-Calvinism, Cancel Culture, and the Future of the Novel (Slant Books)
James Wilson’s Coyote Fork (The American Conservative)